Standard Picket Railings

This is our most extensive and flexible aluminum railing system, allowing the Builder or Installer to handle any standard picket railing installation. The two main types of picket systems is one that uses either component pickets which allow maximum flexibility or pre-welded picket panels  for strength and ease of installation.

Welded Picket Panels

Welded Picket Panels

Excell’s Welded Picket System is one solid pre-welded panel. The system is a strong, sturdy construction due to the fact that the pickets are welded to the top and bottom rails.

Component Picket Panels

Component Picket System

Excell’s Component Picket System is easy to handle due to the fact that it is in a “knock-down” form and not a large welded section.

View the overview of the top rail lineals, mid, bottom and picket options online brochure for Welded and Component pickets systems.

Our Standard Picket Railing system is a reliable, low-maintenance guardrail solution.

Excell Railing Top Rail Profiles BrochureView or download our Top Rails online brochure to see images and details on our top rail profiles.

Excell Railing Picket Kit System Online Brochure

NEW – Excell Railing now offers a
2.5″ Post Welded Picket System Kit with 4 ft, 5 ft, and 6 ft panels.

Currently available in the US only.

Excell Railing Base Plate Covers Online Brochure

NEW – Provide a professional finish on Surface Mounted Railings with our
powder coated aluminum Base Plate Covers.

Excell Picket Guardrail Systems are engineered to meet or exceed National Building Codes (NBC in Canada and IBC in the USA) and can be used in virtually any residential, multi-residential or commercial application.

View our Picket Railing Product Data Sheet.