PUP Post System

Meet the new generation of Topless Glass Railing Systems… the PUP Post; a 2 ½” x 2½” post with a new, triple-channel design that enables a single post to function as either an inline, corner or end post. The multi-function insert component provides the ultimate versatility for custom projects allowing you to adjust your glass height and angles (up to a 60° variance) for a nearly limitless range of options for your outdoor designs.

A single, multi-functional, post… nearly LIMITLESS options!

  • 30° multi angles
  • Surface or Fascia mounted
  • Optional top rail cap
  • Available in 9 standard / 180 custom colours
  • Accommodates unique shapes and custom designs like curves and angles
  • Option of different glass types or alternate material options for a louver look.
  • Gap from deck to glass allows for easy cleaning and snow removal
  • Ideal for wind wall applications
  • Privacy screen or Fencing options possible

Excell Railing Topless Glass System PUP Post online brocjureView the Online Brochure to learn more about the sophisticated railing with shape, size or style versatility.

NEW! PUP Post Topless Glass System is now available in a convenient Kit System. Ordering is simplified with all components required included in one, easy-to-order package.

View the Online Brochure to learn more about Kit System and our luxurious topless glass railing system with shape, size, and style versatility.

Excell Glass Guardrail Systems are engineered to meet or exceed National Building Codes (NBC in Canada and IBC in the USA) and can be used in virtually any residential, multi-residential or commercial application.

Installation Instructions for PUP Post

Excell’s PUP Post Systems are precision manufactured with the highest regard for quality control. Whether for view or privacy, the PUP Post provides an ideal and elegant solution. Choose regular PUP Post for maximum versatility or the Kit PUP Post for the most ordering and assembling convenience.

PUP Post Installation Instruction Excell Railing

Kit PUP Post Installation Instruction

Installation Instructions with required tools for the PUP Post railing system.