About Excell Railing Systems Ltd.

Excell Railings – manufacturer of powder coated aluminum railing systems since 1999. We supply maintenance-free aluminum railing systems for decks and stairs, fencing, handrails, pool surrounds, and gates to builders, contractors, construction supply companies, and installers.

Excell Railing Systems values your safety and the safety of our team. Please feel free to learn more about our COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Maintenance-Free Aluminum Railing Systems

    • Standard picket and glass systems
    • Guardrail, Fencing and Handrails
    • Designed for easy installation
    • In-house fabrication and powder coating ensuring the highest level of quality control

 Professionally Engineered and Certified

    • Products are produced from sturdy, non-corrosive aluminum
    • Cost effective product with long life cycle
    • No rusting, rotting or splintering

How does the Excell Railing System compare?

Vinyl and Composite Railings:

  • Limited color spectrum (dark colors are not available)
  • Large bulky systems are necessary to meet building code requirements
  • Susceptible to expansion and contraction with change in weather

Steel Railings:

  • Rusts over time which limits the life cycle
  • Regular painting is required for proper maintenance
  • The process of scraping and painting causes adverse environmental impact

Wood Railings:

  • Shortened life cycle due to decay and rot
  • Constant up-keep; Regular paint and stain application required
  • Will attract pests and insects if not treated
  • Treated wood leaches chemicals into the environment upon disposal

Excell: The Long-lasting Beauty

When the view is such an important factor in determining the value of a property, why hide it behind a bulky railing system? And who wants to be faced with ugly rust, rot, splinters or peeling paint when the alternative is so clean and simple.

For the best in view-through railing systems, consider our Panorama Post topless glass system.

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