Powder Coating & Colors

Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish. Powder coating is one of the most durable exterior finishes available today. It is used on many metal items that are exposed to the weather because, as a finish, it is the best way to ensure durability, weather resistance, and color retention.

The powder is a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, sprayed onto the surface to be coated. The charged powder particles adhere to the grounded surfaces until fused by heat into a uniform, durable, high quality, and attractive finish.

END RESULT: A superior finish in terms of corrosion, impact resistance, and aesthetics.


Our Rail and Fence Systems are available in 12 standard colors. Colors may not be an exact representation. Please see color chips, under proper lighting conditions, for exact color. Or choose from one of 180 custom colors than can be produced to match any exterior design features. * Additional charges are applicable for custom color orders


A medium to high gloss white


A medium high-gloss neutral color


A medium high-gloss beige


A medium high-gloss darker beige


Matches commercial aluminum storefront windows and doors


A medium gloss pale grey


A medium gloss darker grey


Matte black with slight texture


A medium-gloss black


A matte medium grey with slight texture


A matte medium to dark brown with slight texture


A matte white with slight texture

View or download our Standard Colors online brochure to view our 12 standard color options.

Excell railing and fencing products are also available in 180 custom color options.

Please be aware that colors display differently on different screens and printers, so colors on this material may not be an exact representation. For exact colors, please request our color ring samples. 


Environmental Compliance, Energy Savings, Manufacturing Efficiency, Corrosion Resistant Finish.

The “Green” Choice
  • No VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) used
  • Powder is baked into aluminum creating a durable finish
  • No chipping
  • Salt water and UV resistant
  • Virtually maintenance free; No yearly painting required
  • 9 standard colors
  • 180 custom colors and color matching available
  • Meets AAMA 2603 and 2604 specifications with our standard super durable powder
  • Approved applicator or Spraylat-Newlar high performance powder which meets AAMA 2605 specifications

The parts then travel through the pre-dry oven to ensure that they are dry and ready for the powder to be applied. Parts are checked and recorded after the wash system and the pre-dry oven to ensure that the systems are functioning properly. Elements are inspected by personnel before entering the powder booth to make sure the parts are positioned correctly for the powder application. Parts can be masked off at this point if some areas must remain powder free. The powder is electrostatically applied using manual guns, then baked in a convection oven at 400 degrees F.


Material to be powder coated is washed in a 4-stage, cabinet-style (spray nozzles) ALKALINE Wash System. The pre-treatment cabinet is equipped with hundreds of nozzles set to ensure the entire surface of all components are completely clean and free of contaminants (like dust, oil or grease) that may affect the finish. Our fourth stage “Seal Coat” process (E-CLPS), is a chrome-free, non-phosphate liquid-coating chemical used to produce (on Aluminum and Zinc alloys) a clear, nearly colorless chemical called ‘Dried-In-Place’ (DIP). The coating, when applied, has excellent paint bonding properties and affords under-film protection.

Now Available – Knotwood Premium Wood Grain Finish

Excell Railing Systems is proud to announce that we now offer Knotwood Aluminum Railings. The authentic look of real wood with the long-lasting durability of aluminum. Available in 3 wood grain colors (Driftwood, Kwila, and Western Red Cedar), this product is AAMA 2604 certified.

Incorporating a wood finish adds elegance and sophistication to the interior or exterior of any home. The natural wood grain looks so realistic that it is regularly mistaken for the real thing but has the added advantages of an aluminum railing system. No more concerns about wood rotting, fading or the constant upkeep of re-staining or re-painting. This product is durable, UV Resistant, and virtually maintenance-free.

Knotwood is perfect for fencing, privacy screens, cladding, and more. Learn more about Knotwood Privacy Panels.

Knotwood Colors