Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below some of the frequently asked questions about Excell Railing Systems:

The two main types of railing are glass panel system consisting of an aluminum frame with tempered glass panels; and a picket system that uses either component pickets, which allows maximum flexibility or pre-welded picket panels for strength and ease of installation. Excell also offers a range of Custom Topless Glass options and Custom Designs which are limitless in style.

We feature 3 extruded aluminum top rail profiles – Round Top RailSquare Top Rail and the Heritage Top Rail. By matching one of the top rails with the smaller (1-5/8″ square) or larger (2-1/2″ square) post , all architectural styles from classic to contemporary can be achieved.

All of our aluminum posts can be configured to attach to the deck either on the top surface or on the fascia (the side of the deck).

Excell’s railings are made of aluminum (will not rust) and the exposed surfaces are finished with a powder-coat finish. Wooden railings, even when painted or stained, are likely to rot, decay, peel or fade, and are prone to a buildup of mold and mildew.

Excell aluminum railings virtually eliminate maintenance problems associated with old wooden railings. No painting, no repainting, no rust, no priming, no staining, no recoats … we could go on. If you’ve ever spent the time required (every year!) to maintain a wooden railing, you will truly appreciate being able to devote your time to something more pleasing to you.

Powder Coated ToughPowder coating is one of the most durable exterior finishes available today. It is used on many metal items that are exposed to the weather because, as a finish, it is the best way to insure durability, weather resistance, and color retention.

A powder-coated finish is part paint and part polyester sealer/resin. The finish is applied as a powder, electrostatically, and while held to the metal this way, is baked in an oven. It is baked at a hot enough temperature so, in effect, the outside layer of the metal fuses with the melted powder forming a hard, weather-resistant finish.

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We offer 9 standard colors, or can custom match practically any color sample you may have.  View Powder Coating and Colors for more information.

We offer two options:

1. Standard Custom: We have two color charts of pre-existing additional colors that are available in powder coat, approximately 180 colors total. Use of these colors adds approximately 3+ weeks to the production time and adds custom color charges that will be dependent on the color chosen and the size of the project.

2. Custom: We can custom match, in powder coat, practically any color sample you may have. As you might imagine this can add significant time to the production process since we must allow time for you to approve of a test strip of the custom match color.

Please note: Even though a railing color is matched to the color of a home’s siding, for example, the various materials with their differing textures and finishes may tend to cause coloring to appear slightly different. The cost for a custom match will include a set-up charge as well as the cost for the actual powder. Please allow sufficient time for production of a custom match color. 

(As an alternative many builders are, instead, matching their exterior siding or trim colors to the existing powder-coat colors. This is an excellent way to match colors and save time and money, since matching an exterior house paint or siding color is much less expensive than custom matching your powder-coat finish.)

SAMPLE COLOR PACK: For Builders, Installers, Designers, and Homeowners… includes our Standard Colors on Metal Strips and our two Custom Color Charts. Contact us to order yours today!

Aside from custom picket or custom glass railings, we also love the challenge of custom designs – Handrails, Fencing, Gates, Trellis and any type of Custom Fabricated Deck Structure. Let’s discuss your needs! Our manufacturing capabilities are limited only to your imagination!

Please see our Custom Design page for more information.

If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for, please contact us – we are happy to help.